Celebrating Excellence: Bayede XO Brandy Strikes Gold Again!


We are thrilled to announce that our Bayede XO Brandy has once again clinched the prestigious Gold medal at The Second Africa segment of the Intercontinental Spirits Challenge. This remarkable achievement reaffirms our commitment to crafting exceptional South African spirits that captivate palates worldwide.


A Triumph in The Cape Brandy Category:

The recognition of our XO Brandy in The Cape Brandy category is a testament to its unrivaled quality and unique South African essence. Its depth of flavor, complexity, and impeccable craftsmanship enthralled the judges, securing its well-deserved place among the finest spirits on the continent.


What is the Intercontinental Challenge?

The Intercontinental Challenge stands as a beacon of excellence in the drinks industry, aiming to elevate professionalism and celebrate outstanding libations from around the globe. Unlike centralized events, this unique challenge conducts tastings on different continents under one umbrella, enabling industry experts to assess products regionally while reducing entry costs.

At Bayede Royal Wines, we take immense pride in our participation in such esteemed competitions, where our commitment to excellence and innovation is recognized and celebrated. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team whose unwavering dedication and expertise continue to drive our success.



Join us in raising a toast to this remarkable achievement and savor the unparalleled quality of Bayede XO Brandy, a true embodiment of South African spirit. Cheers to excellence, tradition, and the art of fine craftsmanship!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Bayede Royal Wines as we continue our journey of crafting exceptional spirits that embody the essence of South Africa.

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