Bayede! Wines, what a lovely surprise

Bayede! Means Hail the King and is the first and only “Royal Signature” and “By Appointment To” trademark for the African continent, which reflects Royalty, history, culture and quality. Each bottle of wine has a warrant to display the Royal arms; the official Royal crest of the Zulu Royal household.

Up until recently, I had heard of Bayede Wines but had never tasted any of them.

I have just tried their King Shaka Zulu Pinotage 2017 and their King Shaka Zulu Chenin Blanc 2019.

Before I did, I thought I’d have a look at their performance: Both were awarded Double Gold at the Michelangelo Awards 2020, but less heralded in the 2021 Platter’s. As a rule, I check performance after tasting a wine to see how my judgement of it compares. In this case, the discrepancy in their ratings of the two wines had left me curious.

As is all my wine sharing these COVID-19, we tasted the wine outdoors in our garden. A friend of mine had a sip and said he liked it, tried the other and said the same. Hearing that, we took full glasses and just sipped and chatted and soon refilled our glasses. Before we were aware of it, both bottles had been emptied.

Two delicious and enjoyable easy-drinkers and at a price that’s hard to resist.

At about only R65 a bottle each…..need more be said?

Bayede! Wines, what a lovely surprise
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