Our Story

BAYEDE! translated from Zulu means 'Hail the King!',
The salute reserved for the zulu king.
Bayede! was shouted by King Shaka Zulu to unite the nations
200 years ago.

Royal Signature

Bayede! is the first and only “Royal Signature” and “By Appointment To” trademark for the African continent, which reflects Royalty, history, culture and quality.

Bayede! Marketing Pty (Ltd) is a level two broad based black economic empowerment registered company. In 2009 HM King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu expressed his long held desire to create sustainable jobs in South Africa. The Bayede! Royal brand is a beacon of hope and empowerment that the majority of Africa relates to. Each bottle has a warrant to display the Royal arms; the official Royal crest of the Zulu Royal household.

Discover Bayede!'s History

Bayede! translated from Zulu means ‘Hail the King’ - the salute that was used to greet the great King Shaka - and today it is still reserved to salute His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini. Bayede! Royal Luxury products have the official Zulu Royal Warrant, the Royal Coat of Arms and the legend 'By Appointment' on all their products. Bayede! Job creation, beadwork is added to the Bayede! products and creates sustainable work for Women in Rural areas.

Understand Bayede!'s Tradition

King Goodwill Zwelithini is the eighth reigning King of the Zulu nation under the Traditional Leadership clause of South Africa’s Constitution. He was crowned at the age of 23 as the youngest reigning King at a traditional ceremony at Nongoma in 1971. It is estimated that there are more than 17 million Zulus in the world, the largest South African ethnic group. In the past King Goodwill Zwelithini has played an instrumental role in the peaceful transition of South Africa into a new democratic dispensation and his Kingdom still stands today as one of 8 Monarchies in the world.

Follow Bayede!'s Purpose

Bayede!  is based on the purpose of providing employment opportunities, not only provide sustainable jobs but also empowering people through skills transfer and capacity building. A range of diversified products are developed, using labour mainly from local communities and established community projects in essence to battle unemployment in South Africa.

200 Years of Tradition

The History of King Shaka Zulu

King Shaka Zulu is said to be one of the greatest military leaders in African History, and perhaps all of history. King Shaka Zulu was born in 1787, he initiated many military, social, cultural and political reforms, forming a well organised and centralised Zulu Nation. King Shaka Zulu used his strength, courage, and unique fighting methods to become one of the fiercest Zulu warriors.


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