BAYEDE! Beadwork


bayede beadworksTraditional Zulu beadwork helps to regulate behaviour between individuals of opposite gender. This exclusively feminine craft flows from females to males from designer/manufacturer to client. Young girls learn from their elder sister how to select beads according to colour and quality, and any finished products are discussed so that the initiate can grasp their social significance. Symbolic coding is influenced by factors such as the colour combination and arrangement, the use and nature of an object, and even by the deliberate breaking of these operating rules. Although the bead code is deceptively simple, utilising the basic geometric figure of the triangle, its meaning has to be interpreted since it incorporates social conventions.

Black Buttons Marriage, rebirth Death, despair
Blue Buttons Fidelity, request Hostility, dislike
Yellow button Wealth, fertility Thirst, withering, badness
Green Buttons Contentment, domestic bliss Illness, discord
Pink Buttons Promise, high status Poverty, laziness
Red Buttons Physical love Anger, heartache
White buttons Spiritual love, purity -None-

Blue and white beads may signify engagement. Black, blue and white beads may signify marriage.

Beadwork is an eloquent traditional symbolic language.
BAYEDE! uses beads:

  • to reinforce the royal presentation of the wines and
  • as additional outlet for the Zulu beading enterprise of which Queen Thomo (the King's mother) was the patron


Tea, Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar