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What is BAYEDE!? What are we about? Where did it come from? Where are we going?

BAYEDE! translated from Zulu means 'Hail the King!' and to unite the nations.

BAYEDE! is a powerful Royal job creation enterprise, endorsed by His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini KaBhekuzulu.

In honour of the 60th birthday of HM King Goodwill a new range of wines was developed called BAYEDE!

BAYEDE! Marketing Pty Ltd has developed the first Royal and Luxury African Trade Mark for the African continent signed by the Zulu king.

The BAYEDE! brand has been launched in partnership with new, small and medium enterprises to develop the first Royal and luxury product range for the African Continent.

BAYEDE! Royal Luxury products has the official Zulu Royal Warrant, the Royal Arms and the legend 'By Appointment' on all their products.

BAYEDE! also represents Royal Selection products in a variety of sectors: Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing and Arts and Crafts.

The common denominator for all products is quality, luxury, originality and inclusive job creation opportunities.

A range of diversified products are developed, using labour mainly from local communities and established community projects.

BAYEDE! Based on the purpose of providing employment opportunities , not only for the local people brought sustainable jobs , and improve people's job skills and work to build capacity .

King Goodwill Zwelithini is not only the eighth Zulu monarch, but also the continent 's longest reigning king, with 30 million adherents

BAYEDE! is based on the philosophy of job creation opportunities which not only provide sustainable jobs but also empower people through skills transfer and capacity building. 

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royal selection stamp

Royal Warrant to BAYEDE!

A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition to individuals or companies who supply goods or services of excellent quality to His Majesty the King.

BAYEDE! may display the Zulu Royal Arms and the legend 'By Appointment to' on their products, premises, stationery, vehicles and advertising.

BAYEDE! is committed to the highest standards of service and excellence.

BAYEDE! 200 Years of Tradition

The origin of the word BAYEDE!:

zulu warriorBAYEDE! means "Hail the King", which is a Royal Zulu salutation dating back to the time of the great warrior King Shaka Zulu and was called out to greet the King.

King Goodwill Zwelithini is the eighth reigning king of the Zulu nation under the Traditional Leadership clause of South Africa’s Constitution. He was born in July 1948 at Nongoma in KwaZulu Natal, the eldest son of King Cyprian and his second wife, Queen Thomo. He was installed at a traditional ceremony at Nongoma in 1971. It is estimated that there are more than 12 million Zulus, the largest South African ethnic group, most of whom live in the province of KwaZulu Natal.

Although the constitution makes the role of the king largely ceremonial, King Goodwill Zwelithini’s most important role may well lie in his symbolising of community and solidarity of the nation. As custodian of Zulu traditions and customs, King Zwelithini closely follows the example of his mother, Queen Thomo, who commenced a beadwork project for job creation.

More about the Zulu Culture: http://www.zulu-culture.co.za/

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